Announcement: New site


I’ve decided to make a change to this website, and my general web presence. I’ve created a new blog called The Experiment, which also has its own Facebook page.

This site,, will continue to be about my professional and semi-professional activities in technology, ministry, facilitation, leadership development, etc.You’ll see posts here about the things that I do in those arenas, and if there’s an opportunity how to take part in them.

The Experiment is going to be significantly less formal. There you’ll see my thoughts and opinions on various topics, things that I’ve found interesting across the web, and perhaps even some art or writing that don’t really fit anywhere else in my online world. The Experiment is where I’m going to do things without the pressure of it being a part of my professional life.

If you are looking for some of my old posts, you will probably be able to find them there.