Do something badly

Crumpled Paper

When it comes down to it, I’m mostly okay with failure. Sometimes I do my best, and things don’t work out, and there isn’t anything that I can do about it. I’m less okay with being bad at something. Being bad at something will often keep me from participating. I’m cool with the idea that I may not win, I just really don’t want to¬†suck. I’d guess that this isn’t unique to me. You probably feel the same way, right?

This is a problem. Because ninety percent of the time being good at something comes after a long period of being bad at it.

There’s a series of videos from Ira Glass of This American Life talking about storytelling, and in part 3 of 4 (posted below) he talks about this specific problem.

I’ll give away a bit of the punch line of the video and say that Glass’ advice is to do a lot of work and it will be a lot of bad work (he plays an example of his).

So, this year, how about you join me in doing something badly (like blogging, for example), or art, or music, or activism. Let’s do a lot of it, and eventually it will turn into something good.

Photo Credit: Mateusz Atroszko