Paying to ignore race

Black and white photo of a woman covering her eyes

Over the last couple of months the dynamics of race and racism have been important topics at colleges and universities across the United States, so it was interesting to see this opinion piece posted by Inside Higher Ed

“Yet these realities were too much for the administrators to handle. They were not ready to hear the truth. Hence, the report we furnished the institution was never publicly disseminated, as originally planned. Several students of color whom we interviewed contacted us months later asking where the report was because they never saw it.

The sad reality is that the administrators at this university paid us an enormous sum of money to remain in denial about its racial problems. This had happened to us before and has occurred again” – Inside Higher Ed|Paying to Ignore Racism

One of the difficult things about caring about racism, sexism, classism, etc. is that you’re likely going to be confronted with the realization that you’re not innocent of the creation of the problem you’re trying to eradicate, or that your guilt is greater than you realize. If you’re not prepared for that, you’ll probably find yourself in the same position as the administrators in this article.

Photo Credit: mellyjean via Compfight cc