The not-so-Daley Richard

It started out as a bad joke by a good friend on Facebook. Specifically, this bad joke

Facebook post from a friend "2 December at 13:24 ยท  It just came to my mind, while deep in thought, that if you had a blog with consistent day-to-day posts, it would be best titled "The Daley Richard" (get it? get it?). Yeah. I know you missed me "
A bad, bad joke

And the specific good friend will remain nameless, because I’m annoyed that he got so many likes for this post. It did get me thinking that I haven’t blogged for a while. As we are in the season of taking on new ventures, and renewing old commitments, I started thinking that maybe I should start blogging again, and see how it goes.

So what can you expect? I’m not entirely sure. I can’t promise consistent day-to-day posts, but I can promise more regular posting. On a professional level, you’ll probably see some posts about ministry and faith, about the nonprofit world and activism, and a few thoughts on the world of higher education, as I learn a new industry. It probably won’t all be serious, I’ll throw in some personal posts like this (and some better ones too).

So welcome to the Not-Quite-Daley Richard. Don’t worry, I’ll never call it that again.