Before I was folded (formed)

You will need

  • Origami Papers
  • Markers

The Script

STORYTELLER: (holds up two squares of origami paper) What do you see in my hand? (let kids answer, they will most likely answer “papers”)

STORYTELLER: Really? I see a puppy (indicate one of the sheets of paper) and a pelican (indicate the other sheet). Let me show you. (While you make the Origami Talking Puppy, keep talking about how you’re making it. Then do the same for the Origami Pelican)

STORYTELLER: Sometimes we are like these sheets of paper, we don’t know what we’re going to be or how we are going to get there. But the bible says that God knew us and was planning what we would be like before our mothers were even pregnant with us. This means that you can’t hide anything from God, because he knows everything that you think. But it also means that even when you don’t know if things will work out right, you can believe in God, that He has a plan and that He knows what it’s going to be, before it even starts.