Mustard Seed Tree

You will Need

  • A newspaper
  • scissors
  • A plant in the sanctuary (optional)


Today you will have to partially make a newspaper tree. Except that you aren’t going to make the cuts yet. Here’s some instructions on how to do that.

The more newspapers you use in making it, the bigger the tree will get, and the more dramatic the telling will be.


Armed with your newspaper cylinder and a pair of scissors, ask your kids to name some of the things that God wants them to do. For each answer, make a cut in the cylinder. Once you’ve gotten three or four things, spread out the leaves of the tree but don’t extend it yet.

Storyteller: “Ok so now that we’ve made a tree, is this a big tree or a small tree” or “Is this tree bigger or smaller than that plant?”

Kids: Small/Smaller

Storyteller: You know, some of the things that God tells us to do seems like small things, and sometimes it seems like God asks small people to do them. Jesus once said that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which, like this tree, is really really small. But look at what happens. (pull out the tree)

Storyteller: It really grew, and in the same way even though the things that God asks you to do seem small, and even though you seem small, obeying God will have the biggest impact on your life, and on the world around you.