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You will need


You will want to test playing back the tone for three things.

  1. Does your speakers/pa system/whatever actually play the sound.
  2. The frequency remains high enough that most people over 30 can’t hear it.
  3. That you’re playing it loud enough that you can hear it, but not so loud that the kids will hate it.

The Script

(Depending on the set up of your church, and the volume of your playback device, you might want to grab a couple of adult volunteers at the start, parents will work wonderfully for this)

STORYTELLER: Did you know that there are some sounds that you can hear, that adults can’t? Check this out. (play sound) Raise your hands if you heard the sound. What did it sound like? (Let them answer, then direct the next question to the adults) Did you guys hear anything? But it was pretty loud, are you sure you didn’t hear it?

STORYTELLER: Something like that happened in the bible a long time ago. There was a boy named Samuel who lived with, I guess you could call him his foster-dad, Eli the priest. One night, while everyone was sleeping, Samuel heard a voice that said “Samuel! Samuel!” He thought it was Eli calling him, but when he went, Eli said “I didn’t call you, go back to sleep.” This happened again, and again. The third time, Eli realized that Samuel was hearing God talking, but that Eli could not hear it. He told Samuel that the next time he hear’s God’s voice he should say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” Because Samuel was obedient he was able to bring Eli an important message from God.

STORYTELLER: Sometimes we might hear God talk to us. It may be that we notice that this one kid never has anyone to play with at school, and a little voice in your heart says maybe you should ask them to come play. Or maybe you see something wrong and you hear your conscience say “I should tell someone, or do something to stop this.” When you hear that voice in your head or in your heart, and it fits with what you read in the Bible and learn in Sunday School then like Samuel you should listen to God’s voice and obey, even if no one else hears it.

Download more high frequency sounds here.

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