Collage of 4 photos, two from an off-site, two from a Panel Discussion.

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Leadership, Things I did

Occasionally, I like to share cool things I’ve been a part of. Recently, I had a fun, but busy week. Here’s what I was doing.

University of Minnesota Women In Technology Male Allies Panel

On January 25, the University of Minnesota Women in Technology group hosted a panel of male leaders from the University and the business world to talk about how their experience and insights with supporting women across the technology industry. I was privileged to be asked to moderate the panel discussion. An official video may be released soon, but the archive of the live stream can be found here.

Technology team Off-site

I also had the opportunity to facilitate an off-site for a technology team from the University. We spent the day working to articulate the values and mission of the team. Often, when you work in IT it’s easy to get trapped in seeing your job simply as just “keeping the lights on” so I appreciated spending the day working with this team.

IT Leadership Community meeting

Once a quarter, IT directors across the University of Minnesota system gather to share information and collaborate so that IT supports the missions of outreach, research, and education. I help coordinate and where necessary help facilitate this meeting.

Presenting Ecocycle Planning to Project Managers at the University of Minnesota

Leadership, Things I did

A picture of the Ecocycle Planning Model Today I had the opportunity to present Liberating Structures’ Ecocycle Planning method to the University of Minnesota’s Project and Change Managers Collaborators.

Ecocyle is a method for mapping and reviewing an organization’s portfolio of activities using an ecological model. The premise is that just as a forest will have a number of trees in every stage of their lifecycle, every organization will have a number of activities in various lifecycle stages. It’s important for change managers to be able to see where each activity is, and in particular identify those activities that are being held on to past their prime, or new activities that are being under resourced.

It was a great group of people to present to. They were engaged and insightful. I really appreciated the opportunity.



This Happened: Five Minutes in Hell

Things I did
Richard Matson-Daley present

Apparently I do this while I’m presenting

On October 29, the Young NonProfit Professionals Network of the Twin Cities hosted an event called Five Minutes in Hell, where they invited members to give five minute presentations on things they found interesting and useful. I privileged to be a presenter that night and my presentation was called “A Strength-Based Approach to Weakness.”

It was an awesome evening and I had a lot of fun. There were lots of other really cool presenters too. Check out photos from the event on YNPN Twin Cities’ facebook page.

Finally, here’s the slide-deck I used.