The Crayon Problem

You Will Need

A coloring page, preferably of something that should be colorful.
A set of brightly colored regular pencils
An empty box that originally contained colored pencils


Sharpen the regular pencils and place them in the empty box of colored pencils so that it looks like a box of regular colored pencils.

The Script

STORYTELLER (has the coloring page somewhere the kids can see it): Let me see a show of hands who likes to color?

Me too, but sometimes it’s hard, sometimes I try two colors and they don’t go together like I thought they would, or sometimes I think I’m using the black crayon and it ends up being purple and messes up the picture. Does any of that stuff happen to you?

STORYTELLER: Well, I figured out a solution to my coloring problems that I wanted to show you. Tell me what you think about this. (Pull out the box of pencils, ask the kids’ suggestions for colors for various parts of it and use the corresponding pencil. The pencils themselves would be the color, but obviously it would all be grey. Do this for a couple different parts of the picture that should have been a couple different colors).

STORYTELLER: (hold up the coloring page) Well, what do you think? Do you think the picture is pretty or not? (Kid’s respond, hopefully they will be unanimous in thinking it’s not pretty, if they aren’t anonymous, ask them to show hands. In theory most will say it’s not pretty).

STORYTELLER: Yeah, I guess it’s not really all that pretty, is it. You know, sometimes people are like crayons. We might find it hard to get along with someone who’s different from us. Maybe one person is quiet, and the other person likes to talk a lot, or maybe we like to do different things, or maybe some people dress or talk differently from us. It sometimes feels like it would be easier if God made us all the same. But that would be boring, and then we wouldn’t be able to do all the amazing things God wants us to do. Each of us is different, but we all make up one beautiful body of Christ.

Personal Note: This one was fun. It does depend on the kids responses for flow. So I would recommend doing this after you’ve developed a rapport with the kids, and they know they can be honest with you.

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